Somedays. . .

You just want a cinnamon roll.  

And while there are tons of great bakeries in this town (Kansas City, MO) I couldn't find the cinnamon roll that I was thinking about...no, dreaming about.

So with all my free time as a full-time dad (naptime) I attempted to create the cinnamon roll I was craving.  After a year or so, I did just that...



Where's the cinnamon?

One of my biggest complaints about a lot of cinnamon rolls I've tried is that there's not enough cinnamon flavor.  I mean c'mon! It's in the name!

Tin Pan Cinnamon rolls make cinnamon the star using a blend of bold Saigon Cinnamon and fragrant Ceylon Cinnamon.  

Combine that with a lush yeasty dough that stays soft and tender for days and an ample amount of  vanilla glaze (no cream cheese please...) you have the cinnamon roll of your dreams.  

If you live in the Kansas City metro area, YOU can get a freshly baked pan of Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls delivered to your home or office.

One pan of Tin Pan Cinnamon Rolls--$24.00

Your choice of 6 Full Size or 12 Small Size per pan.

Free delivery to Midtown/Downtown KC.

15% (of total order) delivery charge outside Midtown/Downtown KC

To order email: Tinpankc@gmail.com

Cash, Check, Paypal, All Major Credit Cards